Daily sermon for today by Joel osteen: SUPERNATURAL POWER IS AVAILABLE


Another thing that brought me to the realization of the truth of the baptismof the Holy Spirit was the healing of our
daughter Lisa. When she was born, my wife, who is aregistered nurse, knew immediately that something was wrong.

Our pediatrician confirmed it later. She told us that our baby had brain damage and would never be normal. She had no sucking reflexes, no muscle tone, and symptoms similar to cerebral palsy. She was not able to lift her head fromthe bed,
even a fraction of an inch, untilshe was five months old, and she never had enough strength to crawl.

I read the four Gospels until I began to see Jesus.
We needed a miracle! I had been a pastor for nineteen years, but I knew very little about healing. The books in my library and my seminary professors said God sent sickness to bless us or teach us good lessons. They said little about the
miracle-working power of God Desperate for an answer, I closed my office and went
alone day after day with the Word of God. I read the four Gospels until I began to see Jesus.

There emerged from those pages a mighty compassionate miracle worker. He was not the person I had been taught. He was the Son of the Living God
who is the same yesterday, today, and forever! I beheld Him as One greater than all our concepts of Him! I saw  Him as One great and loving enough to encompass all
people everywhere in His mighty arms! We read His promises to us over and over. We saw that it was not God’s will that Lisa
be afflicted, but rather that God wanted to heal her.

Those were some dark days for us as we struggled to
believe. But God was so merciful and compassionate. Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, as we stood fast on the promises of God to heal her. Then one glorious day, Jesus touched our baby. She was delivered!
I am sure the angels watching broke forth in a heavenly song, praising God for His love and faithfulness to His Word.

I am sure our blessed Jesus smiled at our joy, for He had taken all our sins, sicknesses, and pains in His own body and
purchased our healing. And today, Lisa remains every bit whole, a mighty miracle of God!
Now we knew that God’s supernatural power was available in our day. God’s power is for today!

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