Christian Share Your Responsibilities

Christian Share Your Responsibilities

The topic for today – Share Your Responsibilities.

Bible reading – Mark 3:14

2 Timothy 2:2.

In his exhortation to Timothy, Apostle Paul enjoined him to train up others to succeed him in the ministry of the gospel, 2 Timothy 2:2.
He must instruct others, and train them up for the ministry, and so commit to them the things which he had heard; and he must also ordain them to the ministry, lodge the gospel as a trust in their hands, and so commit to them the things which he had heard. Christian Share Your Responsibilities

Join – RCCG Sunday School STUDENT Manual July 29, 2018 Lesson 48

There are two things he must have an eye on in ordaining ministers: – Their fidelity or integrity hence he was to commission only the faithful men, who will sincerely aim at the glory of God, the honour of Christ, the welfare of souls, and the advancement of the kingdom of the Redeemer among men, and also their ministerial ability.

They must not only be knowing themselves, but be able to teach others also, and be apt to teach. Christian Share Your Responsibilities

Here we have:

1. Timothy was charged to commit to others what he had heard of the Apostle among many witnesses. He must not deliver any thing (heresy) besides, and what Paul delivered to him and others he had received of the Lord Jesus Christ.

2. He was to commit them as a trust, as a sacred deposit, which they were to keep, and to transmit pure and uncorrupt unto others.

3. Those to whom he was to commit these things must be faithful, that is, trusty men, and who were skillful to teach others. Christian Share Your Responsibilities

4. Though men were both faithful and able to teach others, yet these things must be committed to them by Timothy, a minister, a man in office; for none must intrude themselves into the ministry, but must have these things committed to them by those already in that office.

Apart from the willingness of the leaders to share responsibilities, the delegate must be willing to take up the responsibilities.

Before you can be delegated, there is need for you to learn of him who is delegating you, hence Jesus said in Matthew 11:29 learn of me.

To learn of Jesus, you must be born again. How?
Come to Him as you are, with the load of sins upon your head and exchange that load of sins for His REST. Matthew 11:28.

Christian Share Your Responsibilities

My prayer is that we shall be found faithful and worthy of the ministry being committed unto us in Jesus name.

Good morning and have a wonderful day in Jesus name.

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